Introduce Canxium Dex and Bridge

3 min readNov 17, 2023
Canxium App

We’re happy to announce that Canxium now have it own Dex and Bridge.
You can access the dex and bridge exchanges at:

Currently, the exchange has been created with $40,000 liquidity, you can add liquidity yourself to receive swapping fees

The following will be a basic guide to help you understand how to perform a number of operations to transfer assets from Ethereum to Canxium.

  1. Transfer Assets from Ethereum to Canxium.
    Step 1: Go to and select from: Ethereum, then connect your wallet.

2. Select Asset.

3. Confirm Transfer Info:
Transfer asset from Ethereum to Canxium is free, we will pay the release transaction fee for you. In addition, if you CAU address don’t have balance, we will send you an 0.05 CAU so you can claim your asset on Canxium network. This free CAU will be end soon.

4. Deposit your Asset
Metamask will request you to approve and transfer your asset to our Bridge Contract: 0xbb26a4d5F867C12A635e31c1Ea3F39425E574161 (Ethereum) and 0xcE57255A83663977d6b1e5c385ffDC6B3782527E (Canxium), make sure you deposit to this contract address, if not, your asset will be lost forever.

4. Transfer In Progress

When your transaction are confirmed by 12 blocks (Ethereum) or 120 blocks (Canxium), we will release your asset on the destination chain. You can claim your asset after that.

If there is any error during transfer, don’t worry, you can resume this step any time by copy and paste the uri:
is your deposit transaction hash and claim your asset again.

If it take too long for the step 3: Transfer to Ethereum/Canxium. Don’t worry, your asset are safe, just open a support ticket on our Discord and we will help you release them manually.




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