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7 min readAug 13, 2023

We put together the daily stories posted on twitter here that will be easy to follow.

Daily Story: Stable Mining Cost
Mining costs of Canxium Coin are stable because of the variability of block rewards. In other blockchains when more miners join the network, mining becomes difficult because of fixed block rewards.

For example, Bitcoin has 6.25 BTC per block, if there is only one miner in the network, he will mine and earn all 6.25 BTC. But if another miner joins, he will earn less BTC. Therefore the cost to mine 1 BTC is increased.

In Canxium, when the demand for Canxium rises, caused by factors such as increased adoption, utility, or investor interest, the price of Canxium experiences an upward trend. This surge in price motivates miners to participate in the network, as higher prices result in higher mining rewards. The influx of miners leads to an increase in the network’s computational power and mining difficulty. The increase in mining difficulty results in the creation of more Canxium coins. Miners, driven by the opportunity of greater rewards, dedicate their computational resources to validate transactions and secure the blockchain. As the mining difficulty rises, the network rewards miners with a higher number of newly minted Canxium coins, and vice versa, the number of CAUs will decrease as the difficulty decreases.

For Example: There is only one miner in the network, he has 1 TH hashrate and the network difficulty is 10 TH. Canxium block reward will be 0.005 CAU. He will earn all 0.005 CAU. If another miner joins, 1TH hashrate added to the network leads to the difficulty is 20TH. Canxium block reward will be adjusted to 0.01 CAU automatic. Both miners receive some 0.005 CAU.
This mechanism ensures that the supply of Canxium expands in response to growing demand, providing a seamless balance between supply and demand dynamics. And also keep the mining cost per CAU stable, same for every situation.

Daily Story: Gas-Free For Offline Mining Transactions
Canxium’s offline mining transactions are gas-free. It eliminates the need to pay transaction fees for the miners and maximizes profit. It ensures that the miners can focus on the mining process without worrying about additional fees. Although transaction fees are free, the network cannot be attacked by DDoS, because in order for a transaction to be accepted by Canxium nodes, it must meet a minimum difficulty of 500GH.
Imagine this, if you have 1 GPU 3060, hashrate is 40MH/s, you will need an average of 4 hours to create a transaction that meets the minimum difficulty condition. Besides that, each block can only contain a maximum of 200 offline mining transactions, the rest will be used for other normal transactions. If you have 1000 GPUs 3060 cards, you should choose a minimum difficulty of 1TH instead of the default 500GH difficulty, that will still ensure you get the same reward even if you mined less transactions.

Daily Story: Decentralized Reliable Coin
In the world of crypto, decentralization is the most important feature and the only thing that distinguishes it from the rest of the world. However, to achieve this, we have to trade off a lot of things, including stability and reliability. Stablecoins trade off decentralization to achieve maximum stability, the rest achieve decentralization but lack stability, and the reliability is not high, you can’t believe a certain coin will always be reliable if knowing that the cost of creating that coin is increasing or decreasing day by day. You buy a coin, but it is impossible to believe that it will be worth the same tomorrow if you know that the cost of making a coin can increase or decrease tenfold at any time.
With Canxium, we have achieved both: decentralization and reliability. Stability will be determined by the market, by the demand. You will always feel secure knowing that, tomorrow and forever, the cost to create 1 CAU is always stable thanks to the unique reward mechanism system after Hydro fork. This mechanism is consistent with reality, and is how the world works today and for forever.

Daily Story: A Haven
Canxium is a unique blockchain that works on a demand-driven supply mechanism which ensures its extraordinary stability. There are many problems raised by volatility in the crypto market, including price fluctuations, market manipulation, and investor uncertainty.
By contrasting it with the benefits of stability, we highlight the importance of CAU as a reliable and consistent digital asset. Canxium sets itself apart by offering stability in a sea of volatility. Canxium’s unique economic model combines supply and demand dynamics to determine the total coin supply. This demand-driven approach ensures that the price remains stable, if the market price greater than the average mining cost which is stable, the total coin supply tends to increase rapidly to balance demand and if the market price lower than the cost, the total coin supply will tend to increase slowly and decrease gradually until everything reaches equilibrium. Providing investors with a haven amidst market turbulence. The significance of stability of Canxium is vital for achieving the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. Canxium’s stability not only infuses confidence in investors but also facilitates its integration into everyday transactions, making it an ideal digital currency for mainstream use.

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Daily Story: Quality Contracts
We aim for Canxium to be a premium blockchain while keeping its decentralization. To do this, we try to limit smart contracts that do not bring value to the blockchain and the community through very high initialization fees. Contract creators have to pay at least 100 CAU per contract creation. The fee is necessary to prevent the creation of spam or less value contracts. However, this will also prevent projects with potential but not enough funding to start on Canxium, we understand this because we also start Canxium from scratch. Therefore, these projects still have the opportunity to operate on Canxium through launchpad. We will carefully evaluate and pay this initialization contract fee for potential projects, thereby continuing to add value to Canxium and the Canxium community, especially the Pioneers owners, who will always be given priority to participate in funding round of these projects. We will also set up a dedicated security team to evaluate these contracts, given the increasing number of security issues related to smart contracts.

Daily Story: a Demand-Driven Supply Chain
Imagine Canxium as a company, producing CAU for people’s consumption. In the traditional blockchain approach, they use predictions about supply and demand to apply a fixed level of emissions at each point in time. This is a simple thing, but it can cause a shortage or surplus crisis in the future.

With a demand-driven supply chain, Canxium reversed the order of this thinking. Rather than viewing supply from a production standpoint, we look at consumer demand primarily.

Demand is an economic term that describes how much of a good or service consumers can buy at a set price during a set time. High demand can mean consumers are willing to pay more for a product, and low demand usually means people are willing to pay less. Demand-driven supply chains rely on demand because they use demand data to adjust processes and output. Lots of factors can affect demand. For example, demand for winter coats might be highest during the coldest parts of the year and lowest during the warmest.

Changing demand will have an immediate impact on the price of each CAU coin, thereby letting the blockchain ecosystem recognize them through the difficulty of the network and changing the emissions to meet demand accordingly, this happens completely automatically and through a pre-designed algorithm. Thereby maintaining equilibrium for the entire ecosystem.

This is the analysis for the very distant future of Canxium. Currently Canxium is still taking a traditional approach to ensure there is a sufficient amount of CAU in circulation before the Hydro fork, estimate 5–7/2024.

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Today Story: The Potential
With each passing day, we realize more and more potential that Canxium can bring to our world, just like we take the first step for a road, from which it will expand each day and will become a highway in the future, which will connect cities and countries together. Never before have we come close to a coin that is infinitely scalable, completely decentralized and goes against all coins in the industry with the mining costs will always stable no matter how big the change in demand. Decentralized, reliable and high resistance to volatility are extremely important criteria to make Canxium the first and only choice for a global medium of exchange in the future.
Not only us, those who are helping us day and night realized that potential too, we wouldn’t be here until now without their help — kind people around the world.

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