Canxium is about to revolutionize the crypto ecosystem

2 min readJun 15, 2024


A new breeze is blowing over Canxium, marking the end of the project’s first phase and the dawn of a promising new chapter.

Indeed, a major event is about to take place: the Hydro Fork. This highly anticipated event will serve as a bridge to a revolutionary system combining PoW and PoS mechanisms, with a world first in the cryptocurrency universe: offline mining.

This event will occur in the coming days when block 4,204,800 is reached and 1,051,200 CAU have been mined. The Hydro Fork will introduce a system of variable rewards, thus ensuring a stable and predictable mining cost for miners while regulating the emission of new coins. This innovative approach aims to create a more balanced, stable, and sustainable economic ecosystem, fostering mass adoption and stimulating innovation on the blockchain.

Block by block, Canxium grows, innovates, and positions itself as a new store of value and a reliable means of exchange in the cryptocurrency world. To support this evolution and reflect our ambition, Canxium’s visual identity has been completely redesigned, featuring a new, more modern, and impactful logo.

This new logo, timeless and memorable, embodies the values and promise of Canxium. The icon is now integrated into the heart of the name and the logo, represented by the letter X, which will also symbolize the CAU coin.

This significant change is highly symbolic, as the letter X, chosen for its mathematical significance as an unknown variable, highlights Canxium’s system with supply driven by demand, allowing for a more balanced and stable monetary system.

The balance and symmetry of the letter X symbolize this stability. It evokes crossing and convergence, just like Canxium, which combines online and offline mining as well as PoW and PoS systems to achieve an optimal balance between supply and demand.

The design of the X has been carefully crafted to fit perfectly into the heart of the logo, visually symbolizing offline mining with an aspect of disconnection. This is illustrated by the upper right bar being disconnected from the rest of the letter, with a vibrant gradient subtly recalling the colors of the old logo version.

This new identity will be gradually deployed across all Canxium’s supports and platforms. We are only at the beginning, and great things are to come.

Our old logo, we leave it here for remembrance:

Stay tuned.

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